Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art: “Die, and become! Art and Science as Conjectured Possible”

James Auger gave a talk and had an exhibition at the Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art, 22-28 November 2016. Description: Modern science’s attempts both to understand and overcome a whole series of laws of nature make us remember Goethe’s famous maxim, “Stirb und Werde” – die and be renewed, cease and become. Or, to put that in layman’s terms, it assumes…

M-ITI participated in “Ciência no Mercado”

M-ITI participated in this year’s edition of  “Ciência no Mercado”, which took place at the fish market of Mercado dos Lavradores, November 22, 18:00-22:00. This event was organized by Arditi, and fell within the framework of the international Week of Science and Technology, and it was an opportunity for the general public to interact and learn about the R&D done in…

M-ITI visited by students from the University of Madeira

IMG_5997University of Madeira (UMa) students from the 1st and 2nd years of the degrees in Informatics Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering; and the 2nd year of the Higher Technical Professional Degree in Networks and Computer Systems, visited M-ITI on October 24.

This visit was part of UMa’s annual Dia do Investigador event in line with the European Commission Marie Curie “Researchers Night”, opening the labs to the general public.

During the visit, M-ITI researchers presented M-ITI projects, including Probot, RootIo, the Neurorehab Lab, the new CNC Vertical Milling Machine, PRSMA, Yasmin Adventures, and Fragments of Laura.

AlticeLabs visited M-ITI

14681904_1284380781596641_2551930984007344164_oAlticeLabs visited the University of Madeira (UMa) and M-ITI, on October 18. After meeting Professors and Students from Electronics and Computer Science at UMa, they came over to M-ITI and toured around our labs. Demos were made at the NeuroRehabLab and Critical Technical Practice (CTP) Lab, highlighting our R&D work in communications, IoT, robotics and augmented reality.

AlticeLabs is a company that  focuses in the development of innovative products and services in the field of telecommunications and information technology. The visit is part of AlticeLabs work in the promotion of a strong cooperation with Universities and R&D institutes at national and international level, in order to transfer knowledge to the market and industry.

Talk by Kaiton Williams: An Island is a World


Kaiton Williams presentation took place at M-ITI classroom on September 8.


Within its effort to promote tech entrepreneurship, Jamaica’s diversity of culture & material infrastructure is often a source of anxiety. But that heterogeneity yields significant potential, both for its budding tech entrepreneurs and for those of us seeking alternatives to dominant ideas of technical praxis.

The work in these tech spaces—often as much focused on the individual and national self as on the artifact—involves a navigation of a radical and seemingly incoherent variety of cultural forms, discontinuities, and allegiances. While this negotiation challenges rote acceptance of the imported “Silicon Valley” methodology, as an orientation it offers instructive alternatives to dominant ideas of technical prowess and the figure of the entrepreneurial engineer. In this regard, islands like Jamaica are among the vanguard, allowing access to alternative futures with global resonance.

Short Bio:

Kaiton Williams is PhD candidate Cornel University’s Information Science program, completing his dissertaion with renowned HCI scholar Dr. Phoebe Sengers. Prior to his PhD he spent 12 years working in online services for Microsoft in Silicon Valley.

Williams’ current research focuses on the role of technical capability and imagination in national and individual self-making and dialogs of entrepreneurship. In this talk, he will discuss his ethnographic participatory research done with island developers in Jamaica over the last 2 years, including work done as an instructor & consultant within tech entrepreneurship training programs run by the World Bank. He will also present two cases that illustrate the entangled political and technical environments from which these budding entrepreneurs must work to produce their future.

4S/EASST Conference attendance

This conference took place on the 31st of August to the 3rd of September 2016, in Barcelona. A few M-ITI members presented their papers: – “Makers of the World, UNITE!”, by Chris Csikszentmihályi – “Microfluidic systems: challenges and opportunities for citizen science”, by Mary Amasia – “Holding on and letting go – temporal regimes of infrastructure care work”, by Marisa…

14th PDC (Participatory Design Conference) 2016

PDC is a premier venue for presenting research on the direct involvement of people in the design, development, implementation and appropriation of information and communication technology. PDC brings together a multidisciplinary and international group of researchers and practitioners from multiple fields encompassing a wide range of issues that emerge around cooperative design. This includes, but is not limited to, Human-Computer…