D1.1 – Quality Plan (Month 3)

The quality plan is the document setting out the quality assurance procedures for the leapFROG project. It aims to deliver clarification and guidance to procedures and standards to be used in all major activities set in the work project.

D2.1 – Recruitment Report (Month 12)

The recruitment report is the document describing the process of recruitment, evaluation and hiring of the ERA Chair holder and research team.

D3.1 – Report on Horizon 2020 training events at M-ITI (Month 30)

D4.1 – Fully functioning laboratory capacities (Month 21)

This deliverable focuses on offering the ERA Chair and the M-ITI research team the opportunity to enhance the existing research labs with new equipment for world class HCI and design innovation research.

D5.1 – M-ITI and leapFROG website and social media improvements (Month 24)

This report constitutes a detailed description of leapFROG- MITI web presence and presents the functionalities of the webpages together with the accounts of social media that have been assigned to the project.

D6.1 – Independent evaluation report (Month 60)