Vision workshop

On the 16th and 17th January, we held a vision workshop facilitated by the cultural organization to help us define a vision for M-ITI under the ERAChair EU grant.

We started the workshop by asking ourselves what were the burning questions we had concerning MITI. Regarding what we find most satisfying at MITI, three clusters of characteristics emerged.What is satisfying at MITI

1) Diversity: the mix of national and international members; different perspectives and cultures; the extension of the members networks outside the island; critical mass, mobility, the multi and interdisciplinary nature of the work that goes on at MITI (HCI focus, Interaction and Service Design,  Arts and Technology, Social sciences and Human Factors);
2) “Can do!” culture: Freedom and capacity to realize things; flexibility and common interests among members; Embracing new ideas; sharing new Ideas; collaboration ; Respect, Independence of Hierarchy, Open leadership, Empowering environment through Cohesiveness, practical and financial support, openness and acceptance towards ideas, Dynamic evolvement, Platform to change; innovation in subject areas; sustainability.
3) Quality of Life: the Island of Madeira, living lab, the people at the institute, the space, the light, the quality of the environment and nature.

After having identified what we find most satisfying at MITI we worked out what are the most pressing questions that we (as MITI members ) have regarding our institution. A few questions emerged:core question fro MITI

  • what is the research core of M-ITI?
  • what do we want to be known for?
  • how do we maintain a strong (research) core?
  • how can we best integrate the ERA Chair into M-ITI’s culture?
  • how can we fulfill our vision of becoming an “exciting, forward looking, and young” research institute? and how can we draw upon these characteristics to enhance the attractiveness of M-ITI?
  • how can we attract and retain top talent?
  • what does M-ITI look like as an agent of change for the world?

From these questions, four major issues were identified as most important for the participants:

talent, vision, research core, and M-ITI culture.

Keeping in mind all the questions and giving weight to the four most important issues identified the core question for MITI members emerged, which is the following:

Why should M-ITI exist?5.scenario-testing

An answer to this question would not only shape the present and future of MITI but also give us good indicators towards the person that we envisage taking on the role of ERA chair and help us make the leapFrog towards the future that we want to happen for us. the answer to the above question will emerge during the following phases of the workshop and can be summarized in this sentence:

MITI exist to research, enable, design and create transformative experiences that empower people to lead the best possible lives in harmony with their environment.

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