Action Plan

We have created an action plan that mobilizes the existing human and material resources to position M-ITI as an ERA excellence centre in Interactive Technologies leveraging a partner network of outstanding research groups in Europe. The proposed action plan consists of four coherent measures:

  • Measure 1 – Expand Human Potential: concerns recruitment and will support hiring of the ERA Chair and the core team including experienced researchers, engineers and established researchers for achieving the objectives 3 and 4.
  • Measure 2 – Build Research Capacity: relates to equipment acquisition and will contribute to improve the innovation performance of M-ITI through a unique research infrastructure to be managed by the ERA Chair holder and the research team.
  • Measure 3 – Twinning through exchange and know-how: supports mobility and contributes to achieve the objectives 1 and 2 related to establishing the research strategy and activating the partner network.
  • Measure 4 – Ensure Sustainability: addresses intellectual property and contributes to objectives 6 and 7 of LEAPFROG, in particular ensuring the economic impact through the effective management of generated knowledge.