The ERA Chair applicants shall match the profile of an “Established Researcher (R3)” or preferably “Leading Researcher (R4)” as set out in the European Framework for Research Careers.

Established Researcher (R3) – This describes researchers who have developed a level of independence.

  • Necessary competences – All necessary and most desirable competences of ‘Recognised Researcher’ plus:
    • Has an established reputation based on research excellence in their field
    • Makes a positive contribution to the development of knowledge, research and development through co-operations and collaborations
    • Identifies research problems and opportunities within their area of expertise
    • Identifies appropriate research methodologies and approaches
    • Conducts research independently which advances a research agenda
    • Can take the lead in executing collaborative research projects in cooperation with colleagues and project partners
    • Publishes papers as lead author, organises workshop or conference sessions
  • Desirable competences
    • Establishes collaborative relationships with relevant industry research or development groups
    • Communicates their research effectively to the research community and wider society
    • Is innovative in their approach to research
    • Can form research consortia and secure research funding / budgets / resources from research councils or industry
    • Is committed to professional development of their own career and acts as mentor for others.

Leading Researcher (R4) – This is a researcher leading their research area or field. It would include the team leader of a research group or head of an industry R&D laboratory. In particular disciplines as an exception, leading researchers may include individuals who operate as lone researchers.

  • Necessary competences – All necessary and most desirable competences of ‘Established Researcher’ plus:
    • Has an international reputation based on research excellence in their field
    • Demonstrates critical judgment in the identification and execution of researchactivities
    • Makes a substantial contribution (breakthroughs) to their research field or spanningmultiple areas
    • Develops a strategic vision on the future of the research field
    • Recognises the broader implications and applications of their research
    • Publishes and presents influential papers and books, serves on workshop andconference organising committees and delivers invited talks
  • Desirable competences
    • Is an expert at managing and leading research projects
    • Is skilled at managing and developing others
    • Has a proven record in securing significant research funding / budgets / resources
    • Beyond team building and collaboration, focusing on long-term team planning ( paths for the researchers and securing funding for the team positions)
    • Is an excellent communicator and networker within and outside the research community[creating networks]
    • Is able to create an innovative and creative environment for research
    • Acts as a professional development role model for others.