ERA Chair profile

Once we had clarified our research core and what future we preferred for our institution, we looked at what role and what profile the ERA Chair would ideally have, in order to enhance the research potential and innovation of MITI through HCI and DI. In order to make the ERA chair a tangible person, we role played the potential hiring interviews with the ERA Chair candidate, and then with the ERA Chair hire after 1 and after 5 years of work at MITI. One of us would role play the Chair while  the other the Interviewer. The notes taken during this process by each one of us  were shared and formed the basis for the desirable profile and potential warnings regarding such hire. The last excersise consisted in working in groups of 4 participants, writing up a Linked in profile of such person.

ERA Chair Profile7.era-chair-final

  • A generalist with a mixed background, possessing professional experience in the academic, business and creative sectors to fit within the existing culture at M-ITI
  • A respected member of the HCI community, who is connected to a large network capable of increasing the visibility and attractiveness of M-ITI
  • A pragmatic visionary who is ambitious and ready for a challenge
  • A team player with strong emotional intelligence and the ability to listen to and coach the existing talent
  • Someone with broad cultural interests and who loves nature and the outdoors
  • Someone who perhaps is in a relationship and who wants a healthy work/life balance

A longer description of the ERA chair profile and the group discussion from which it originated are here below:

What is the profle of the ERAChair who could bring M-ITI Further?

→ The EraChair is a generalist, with a strong academic background in HCI, and some business and creative experience. S/he has a large professional network spreading across different sectors. s/he is well respected in the HCI community.The ERAChair is a pragmatic visionary. S/he is ambitions and does not shy from a challenge and is resilient to crisis situations.Their leadership is decisive, as well as inclusive, confdent, but also open to learning. S/he is able to balance the need for inward consolidation of everyone’s strengths, with the need to be outward (community) oriented, fostering outreach and incubation.Aside from knowledge and experience, emotional intelligence is an important characteristic of the ERAChair. S/he is a team player, has a great ability to listen and is keen to work in service of the community – bringing the best out of people s/he works with. Her leadership style is coaching/facilitative, rather than top-down authoritarian.S/he has broad interests, can hold conversations about any topic and does not discriminate between research/non research conversations. S/he has a healthy work/life balance, and inspires others with his/her effectiveness without working 24/7.

She has lived in the north, but likes the south, the sun and the sea. A nature lover who likes spending time outdoors, the ERAChair would enjoy the location of M-ITI and the environment that Madeira has to offer.

She is aware that funding is secured for five years and that it depends on him/her to extend its duration, and maybe even be willing to take on a different role after five years, to allow for some ‘fresh blood’ to refresh to institute’s vision.