Drivers of change

In order to understand what are the drivers of change of our culture and environment that might shape the possible futures  of MITi we started by a collective mapping of important issues in economics, environment, politics and technology from which we identified and clustered  emerging drivers from the point of view of the MITI institution.

Economics and environmental drivers-of-change

Economics and environmental drivers-of-change

Socio policitical and technological drivers of change

Socio political and technological drivers of change

drivers of change

consolidated drivers of change

Most important Macro trends. We then ranked the drivers by importance and by uncertainty.

  • Globalisation & international collaboration (diversity / inequality)
  • Sustainability and challenging degradation of environment, pollution and energy security
  • Innovation outside of academia, citizen science
  • Behavioural change towards more sustainable lifestyles, through technology
  • Growing communities of practice around emerging technologies (maker cultures, DIY-tech dev…)
  • Social isolation (including aging)
  • Political inertia and the rise of e-democracy
  • Permanent economic crisis
  • Innovation in Sensing technologies

ranking of drivers by importanceL1008583


Critical Uncertenties

Will M-ITI remain/become an attractive environment for top people?

What will happen to the commitment to M-ITI Culture.

Commitment to MITI culture and Attractiveness of the environment for Top people to join MITI were selected as the two most important and most uncertain drivers to happen, in order for MITI to reach its goal. The next steps of the exercise was to flesh out four possible scenarios identified by the selected drivers of change assigned to a x and y axis. The result would be a matrix of four possible world where attractive or non attractive environment for people, and commitment or lack of to MITI culture would dictate the environment in which MITI might have to exist. In the next page, future scenarios , we will describe the process in details.