HCI 2018: ERA Chair Ph.D candidate Sara Tranquada presented her work about Gender imbalance.

Sara Tranquada, ERA Chair PhD student, presented her demo “Gender By Numbers: Is your Education Course Dominated By Your Opposite Gender?” in the Interactions Gallery Papers, a work by SaraAna Caraban and Nuno Correia, it’s about gender imbalance in the pursuit of future careers. Its goal is to explore how high school students can be nudge towards gender consciousness and be aware of the gender imbalance of a course before applying to the university. Also, she presented a poster “The Perseverance of Gender Stereotype” in the Work-in-Progress Papers category, which is. It’s a study that investigates the conscious and unconscious bias of Nuno Correia and Sara, a work in progress by first year college students regarding women in exact science and men in arts and humanities departments.

The 32nd British Human-Computer Interaction Conference took place in July 2-6, in Belfast, Northern Ireland.