The Newton Machine: new video

The Newton Machine is a CTP Lab project developed by James Auger and Julian Hanna and other international partners. In August 2018, the project received the II Cultural Innovation International Prize.
About the project:
Energy, in all its forms, is essential to modern and future living. Our inseparability from energy is not just a matter of electricity consumption and use, but includes our inseparability from all infrastructures of generation, transmission, and storage. Our lives are energy rich, but our relationship with energy is threadbare; electricity is ethereal and distant, a number on a meter.

This community-led project, divided into 3 phases and 3 distinct locations (Madeira, Orkney, and Barcelona), has already begun to change that relationship. Instead of electricity being ‘in the wall’ and ‘out of mind’ this project makes electricity tangible, touchable, and self-determinable by local citizens. It is the design and installed prototype of an energy generation and storage solution—a ‘Newton Machine’—built from what is to hand, from what is in the local landscape, with local expertise.