Official Visit from the Government of the Azores

The Government of the Azores members officially visited Madeira on January 23-25, 2018. The members of this group were the President of the Azores Government, Dr. Vasco Cordeiro; Vice President Dr. Sérgio Ávila, Regional Secretary of Transportation and Public Construction, Dr. Ana Cunha; Regional Secretary of Health, Dr. Rui Luís; Regional Adjunct Secretary for the External Relations, Dr. Rui Bettencourt. As important as this visit was, the President of the Government of Madeira, Dr. Miguel Albuquerque; Vice President, Dr. Pedro Calado; Regional Secretary of Education, Dr. Jorge Carvalho; Regional Director of the European Affairs and External Cooperation, Dr. Bruno Pereira came along with the Government of the Azores group. During this visit, they had the opportunity to know more about M-ITI, as well as, some of the projects in areas as Health, Robotics and Energy.