On the Collaborative Economy. Learning From Critical Perspectives, Training School, 20 -24 Nov 2017

Prof. Maurizio Teli, ERA Chair research faculty, is Working Group Leader of the cost Action CA16121, “From Sharing to Caring: Examining Socio-Technical Aspects of the Collaborative Economy.

In the context of this CA, the Training School (TS) “On the collaborative economy. Learning from critical perspectives,” is taking place at M-ITI from 20 to 24 Nov. 2017. The TS relates directly to the core theme of the CA, the collaborative economy, and it does so by questioning the contemporary paradigms in design and human-computer interaction through critical perspectives. The general goal of the TS is to provide early career researchers with multidisciplinary perspectives that they can fruitfully relate to in their research. The group of instructors includes social scientists, technologists, designers, and scholars in the humanities, to cover diverse aspects of research activities, while focusing on the collaborative economy, from framing the social relevance of research activities to writing and reporting results.