Creative track of SNTA: Bizindalo! Art and Technology in Africa

Gemma Rodrigues and Michelle Kasprzak co-curated the international exhibition Bizindalo! Art and Technology in Africa, September 1 – October 13, Casa da Luz, Funchal, as part of the symposium Strategic Narratives of Technology and Africa. Encompassing the exhibition’s themes of ‘voice’ and community, ‘bizindalo’ is the East African name for the public megaphones used by communities for announcements and local news. The array of artworks and technical systems on display opened up new perspectives on the geographical unevenness and politics of “media infrastructures”—roads, radio, fibre optic cables, programming languages, the internet, surveillance systems, archives, etc—that channel and store our communications and data, as well as ultimately shape the parameters of global contemporary expressive culture.