Interact 2017

M-ITI was widely represented at Interact 2017 and M-ITI members were involved in chairing groups, running workshops and presenting papers, below are some of the many activities run by M-ITI members:

José Corujeira presented the paper Effects of Haptic Feedback in Dual-Task Teleoperation of a Mobile Robot

Diogo Cabral presented the full paper: Exploring the Effects of Olfactory and Auditory Cues to Support Creative Writing Tasks and was a panelist at the Doctoral Consortium.

Pedro Campos was also co-chairing the Doctoral Consortium and had a full paper with M-ITI members D. Cabral and J. Shoening.

José Abdelnour Nocera was Field Trips chair and presented the full paper: Learning HCI Across Institutions, Disciplines and Countries: A Field Study of Cognitive Styles in Analytical and Creative Tasks

Vanessa Cesário presented the short paper: Designing Interactive Technologies for Interpretive Exhibitions: Enabling Teen Participation Through User-Driven Innovation